Dressmaker: Live at The Camden Barfly 03/01/2014

Last night I took a punt on a new band called dressmaker. I vaguely knew their bass player from the back at uni in Leeds, which exponentially increases the chance that they’d be a good band – all the best bands pass through Leeds at some point. Turns out, they were indeed excellent.

Those looking forward to well-crafted, considered and contrived dark post-punk art rock (ala Savages) will be deeply disappointed. These guys are the total opposite – loads of ideas clashing with each other disharmoniously, all set to a backdrop of overwrought special effects and worryingly malfunctioning technology.

I know it’s an easy comparison to make, because their bassist had a Einsturzende Neubauten tattoo on his arm, but it was what I imagine the first ever Birthday Party gigs to have been like. Raucous and chaotic but, underneath it all, some kind of desire to play music to sing and dance to – which, with practice, they might soon achieve.

I’m probably gonna have to go get myself a smartphone so I can add pictures to these things, but in the mean time, here’s a link to a video someone made of the show:


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