I’ve recently promised to share a few  items from my bootleg collection. While we’re digitising some of the rarer cassette stuff, here’s a classic recording of Leeds/Keighly goth rock maestros Ghost Dance!

Bootlegs like this have done the rounds pretty thoroughly on the 80s tape trader circuit, so most actual Ghost Dance fans will have heard this before. This share (and the ones to follow) are really aimed at fans of my band Terminal Gods – introducing them to some of the obscurities that inspired me to started writing music.  Everyone knows I like The Sisters Of Mercy, but I’d like to share with you some of the less obvious stuff that has influenced me through the years, and maybe get you guys into some great new (old!) music.

A little background information: Ghost Dance were the band formed by Gary Marx (The Sisters Of Mercy) and Anne-Marie Hurst (Skeletal Family) after the original incarnations of their iconic first bands imploded. Ghost Dance originally had all the fuzzy, reverby trademarks of the great West Yorkshire goth sound, so what makes this recording rather special is that it documents a massive shift away from that format to a more full on 80s rock band with live drums and chugging riffs.

The last three tracks appear as a medley on the B side of the Doctor Love 12″ – under the name “Gathering The Dust”. This is the soundboard recording of the full show. Enjoy.

(Sorry about the low quality MP3 format. When I started collecting these it was in the early days of file transfer and I really had no clue that I should preserve the best quality versions!). 


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