On politics and rock n roll…

On politics and rock and roll…

Looking back on my most formative childhood period, which where mostly in the Blair/Brown years, there was a sense that politics was over. The veneer of consensus so complete that politicians were nothing more than visionless administrators in the country’s largest HR department.

For anyone that had the idea that world could – and should – be a different place, pop music (in all its various forms) seemed like the only path worth following. It had a character driven narrative that anyone could join in on. You could become part of an adventurous and exciting new world, complete with heroes and villains aplenty. I’m sure I can’t be the only person that felt that way, as my generation has chocked the job market with a staggering over abundance of people desperate to eek out meaningful careers in the “creative industry”.

Much fuss has been made of the polarisation taking place within politics in recent years, but I welcome it. Politics has started to offer a little of what rock and roll once offered. A vision that the world could be different. There’s a sense that anyone can try and make a noise to be heard over the din.

We live in interesting times.



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