Rosetta Stone – Leeds – December 1992

Good morning ravers. Sorry we haven’t brought you an update for a little while, our main archivist and tape ripper has been away on honeymoon (I know, where does the bastard get off?!) and then Terminal Gods began been touring an album release, so we haven’t had as much time as we’d like to dust off old bootlegs.

To help make up for this negligence – and to fill up the time before we get back to uncovering more unheard delights of the cassette era – I’m going to share this beautiful and extremely rare Rosetta Stone live recording. Leeds Duchess Of York, December 16th 1992.

Arguably the peak of Rosetta Stone’s sonic pile driver stage sound, this performance has all the overdriven, highspeed hallmarks of their classic era. This bootleg is especially interesting for the very early live versions of The Witch and Come Hell Or High Water and a slightly developed setlist since the previous year’s Under The Rose. The band disappeared from the stage for a while towards the end of 1993, returning over a year later with a drastically altered sound, so this is one of the few bootlegs to feature such a comprehensive setlist in the classic, all guns blazing style.


Porl King




2 thoughts on “Rosetta Stone – Leeds – December 1992

  1. John says:

    Thanks for the Rosetta audio, was at this gig, been looking for a copy ever since. Don’t suppose you have the Duchess gig from earlier in the year, April I think? Cheers, John

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