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Children On Stun – Choices – 1992

I gushed quite a lot about how amazing Children On Stun are in our last post about the Monochrome I & II tapes. Therefore I’ll leave out the prevaricating and great straight to it.

Here we have the excellent Choices tape, from around the same period as the Monochrome demos. We’ve also uploaded the Choices Remixes tape which, until recently, I had no idea actually existed. I can only assume it was done in a smaller run for the seriously die hard. These “remixes” aren’t significantly reworked arrangements – they’re more or less the same tracks with certain mix elements aggressively pushed to the forefront.

Children On Stun have a final dates coming up before the end of the year:  December 10th in London

CHILDREN ON STUN : Choices and Choices Remixes (1992)

Lineage: Original Cassettes > Nakamichi DR-10 > Asus Xonar U7 > Adobe Audition @ 24/96 > ALAC 16/44




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