Single Review: The Danse Society – Bloodstream

When there’s a great crises in the economy, or a systematic break down of law and order, its tempting to think “who made the decisions that got us to this place? At what moment was the chain of events deliberately started that has ultimately lead us to here?”

The desire to place blame quickly develops into a shrunken and bitter view of human nature, as you realise that no one, in truth, pressed the button. No one individually wanted this. The cumulative effects of many small minds and petty deeds eventually lead to the unthinkable becoming inevitable, and now we are left to starkly stare at the consequences.

As anger turns to despair, take heart in the knowledge that a better world is possible, and maybe we can take a lesson from the tragedy before us and build something more worthy.

Fidel Castro once boldly stated “History will absolve me”. I fear in the case of The Danse Society, the same cannot and will not be said.


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