Who we are:

Art-as-politics, politics-as-art, hi-fidelity as a reason unto itself, mixtapes and bootlegs.

Robert Maisey likes dressing up boring observations in grandiloquent rhetoric.

Robert Cowlin applies the scientific method to the consumption of audio.

Both like drum machine bands from the early 1980s, but also follow other religions.

One thought on “Who we are:

  1. nigel says:

    so first last and always : the cassette mix tapes that you discuss in the first last article and the last magician article. i used to trade sisters items under the banner of “sodium haze” (see heartland fanzine etc). i came across three of the tapes at “world records” store in London rd, Leicester I was trying to trade the tapes and four sisters press photos, I even offered a 100.00 !! which was loads then… , the guy wanted to much for the tapes!! he new the rarity value!! I came home and phoned “vinyl addiction” record store in leeds (they released the kiss the blade sisters videos etc) and made them aware knowing they had “contacts” !! then low and behold a while later we got the all the pallazzograssi releases.coincidence not……….anyway hope this may help……..rgds
    ps: the photos of the tapes are spot on as I remember.

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